Sugar Cane Trail

The first trail I did this year was in April, The Sugar Cane Trail in the Kisatchie National Forest near Minden, Louisiana. According to Alltrails App,  it is rated Easy and is 6.4 miles. When my friend and I recorded our trek we went 6.2 miles. It was pretty easy. Have to watch out for markers sometimes they are a little hidden. One we saw even had the tree growing over it. (Pic below) We saw a lot of different insects and one snake. This trail is also for bikers too. So, watch out for them. One almost collided into me. He had the right of way, I just can not hear well and didn’t hear him coming at first. It is beautiful. It crosses Caney Lake which was cool.

One big warning: WEAR BUG SPRAY or treat your clothes with Permethrin. We did get some Ticks. The main reason being is my friend is new to hiking and I made a rookie mistake. 😐 I forgot to spray us down with Off before we started to hike! Yeah! I know big mistake. Luckily even though we had a few ticks she said she would try hiking again! I of course promised her I would make sure to spray us next time. So, here is some pics from that hike! Till my next adventure, get outside and wander! 😉

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