So..You have questions about Hiking?

So, you have questions about hiking? I know when I first started hiking I had lots of questions!! How do I pack my pack better? What pack should I get? What type of food should I bring? What about water? On and on and on! Ugh!! Well, you are in luck!

Remember, how I told you I started this new adventure as a Hike Like A Woman Ambassador? It just so happens that we have this new challenge coming up called, “30 Days To Better Hiking Challenge.” It starts October 1st and lasts 30 days! Each day you will get some of our best hiking advice on some of the common problems or questions people ask about hiking. Oh, and yours truly will be teaching on one of these days! 😉

Oh wait! There is more! Not only do you get all this cool knowledge but we have some awesome prizes to give away. Also, Part of the money from the challenge will go to one of our favorite charities, Gear Forward! So, what are you waiting for? This is a win win opportunity!

To learn more go to:                                To register go to:…/30-days-better-hiking/

I hope to see you in the challenge! Till next time…Happy Wandering!


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