Hiking is My Therapy

Ever had one of those times where you thought that if you didn’t soon get outdoors you would probably just lose it? Yeah! I was having one those times. I had not been on the trails for what seemed like a month. I was going crazy. I just had to get away. Life was just making me feel like I was drowning. Drowning with demands, deadlines, responsibilities, and on and on. Then it happened…. I had a break in my schedule.


I decided to just go for it. Get back to the trails. The mountains were calling and I HAD to go! I had to go for me. To get back to my right self. That is what the trails do for me. It helps me calm down. Calm that anxiety of life that sometimes feel like it is going to overtake me.


I had been wanting to do this one trail for a very long time. Ever since I saw it online I knew I wanted to do it. It is close to Deer, Arkansas. It is Whitaker Point Trail or Hawksbill Craig. It has this rock that protrudes out of the mountain that looks like the head of a hawk.



Some fun facts about this place is it was listed as one of the “Best Places in Arkansas to Get Kissed” according to a travel article. Disney also filmed the opening to “Tuck Everlasting” here.


It is one of those well trafficked trails in Arkansas but I had to see it for myself. It is about seven hours from where I live in Louisiana to get to this place. I talked a friend in to going with me and we drove from early morning to about six that evening to get to one of the campsites at Buffalo National River. We camped out that night and got up early the next morning to set out on some trails.



We did a couple of trails around the area that we camped in. One was Villines Homestead Trail. It is a small trail that leads to an old homestead. It was very interesting to see how things were set up and how they lived in the past. It also had information boards by each structure to help tell the story of the homestead. On our way to the homestead trail we saw a herd of elk. I love to see wildlife when on the trails. Always keeping in mind that this is their home and watching from a safe distance.

We also did another short trail by this one called Lost Valley Trail. It had a waterfall at the end. It wasn’t a big waterfall when we went because of lack of rainfall. It also had a cave that was close to the waterfall that you could go into and explore. It was a nice hike and interesting landscape and history.


Then, it was time for the trail that I had come all this way to do. The drive up there was something. It was almost straight up and was a gravel road. It is about seven miles up to the trailhead. When we got there, we were not the only ones of course. Like I said before this is a well visited trail. I didn’t care I had to see this site and trail for myself.


We set out on the trail. It is listed as moderate on AllTrails. Yes! It was all that. If you don’t hike very often keep in mind this will probably be a hard trail for you. Was it worth it? YES!!! The overlooks of the mountains beyond and the beginning of the fall colors was worth the trip alone.


I did finally get my picture on the rock. I did have people around me but I didn’t care! I did get to take a picture of the rock with no one on it on the way back down the trail. This trail is an in and out trail. It does not make a loop.


The big question…. Was it worth it? YES! I just wish I had had longer so I could have done the other trails around this area. I will be back! As for did it help me get back to myself? Yes, Nature never disappoints. Helps me slow down and enjoy the here and now. To remember, that there is beauty all around us all we must do is stop and look around. That tomorrow is not promised. All we have is the now. Till next time Happy Wandering, my friends!

12 thoughts on “Hiking is My Therapy

  1. Can totally relate to what you mean about hiking being therapy! The healing power of nature can’t be understated 🙂 7 hours is a long drive (for me) but those trails look awesome!


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