The First Annual Take Your Daughter On A Hike!

This past October, Hike Like A Woman, held its first Take Your Daughter On a Hike. It was just a way to get women to take the next generation of women outside and hiking. I loved the idea. I set up an event near me for anyone who wanted to come. Now, I personal do not have any daughters. I was only blessed with sons. I do however, have nieces, a beautiful daughter-in-law, aunts, a mother, and a mother-in-law. You see you don’t need a daughter to participate in this event. You could just bring a friend with you. In fact, my niece was going to bring her doggie daughter to the hike.

Take Your Daughter on a Hike
On the Saturday of the event, I was in Houston, Texas for my cousin’s memorial service. I wanted to choose a trail close to where I was staying at my uncle’s house in Cypress. The trail I chose was the Little Cypress Creek Preserve Trail. It is usually well maintained. I believe the Boy Scouts help to maintain this trail. People use it for hiking, biking, and running. It is dog friendly but a leash is required. I went on this trail less than a month after Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Texas. My uncle had warned me of possible washed out spots on the trail and snakes. There had been more sightings of snakes after the hurricane. With the warnings heeded, I set out on the trail. I only saw a few spots where you could see just how high the waters had gotten in that area. All in all, it was a nice hike and not too difficult. The only wildlife I encountered was a few deer, some squirrels and birds.
The event was such a success across the country that Hike Like A Woman has decided to do it annually. It will be the third Saturday in October. I love how Hike Like A Woman is taking the initiative to encourage and raise up our next generation in the outdoors. To get out and enjoy nature. I hope you will join us next year. For more information, about our events/hikes near you check out the website: Hike Like A Woman

On a personal note, I wanted to tell my readers that I will have new stories, trails, or reviews every Tuesday and Thursday. Till next time, Happy Wandering, My Friends! ❤


2 thoughts on “The First Annual Take Your Daughter On A Hike!

    1. The idea was the brain child of one of the Hike Like A Women Ambassadors. It is our hope with this event to raise up the next generation of hikers and nature lovers. I totally agree with you. I would have loved this as a little girl.


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