Salewa, the new top brand?

*This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own. *


Salewa is a company that was started in 1935 in Germany. It has gone through many changes through the years. It now offers array of products for the outdoor person.


Salewa contacted me through email along with some other outdoor bloggers to see if we would be interested in testing out one of their jackets and hiking boots. I accepted! I received the Ortles Hybrid 2 jacket and the Women’s Mountain Trainer Mid GTX hiking boots.


I tried the jacket on and loved the fit of it. I liked how lightweight it was. I was a however a little worried though about how warm it would keep me since it was so lightweight. I tried the boots on. I have a hard time with shoes because of a bone spur on my left foot. Certain shoes feel ok at first but end of killing my feet by the end of the day. They felt great and fit perfectly. I really like how the shoelaces laced to give you that extra support on your ankles without it being too tight.


Then, the real test on the trails. I tested it first on some local trails right by my house. I did this so if the boots did start hurting my feet or the jacket did not keep me warm enough I would be close to home.


I took off on the trails, it was not freezing outside but, it was pretty chilly. I would say it was around 50 degrees. Which is cold for Louisiana. 😉 I should also let you know I am a very cold natured person. You know the type that wears hoodies in the summer. Not for style but, for comfort! Yeah, I am that person!


I was pleasantly surprised that the jacket kept me quite warm! Even when the wind was blowing while hiking. The boots…. AMAZING!!!! I could not believe how supportive and comfortable the boots were. They were just as comfortable as my trail runners. I almost forgot I even had boots on. They felt more like sneakers than boots. Except, they had more support for my ankles than my trail runners do. The grip on the bottom of the boots were great for climbing up hard terrain.


So, they did great on local trails which are pretty much flat where I live but, how would they do on other terrain. I took both on a few more hiking adventures where the terrain is a little less forgiving. The jacket worked so well I had to take it off because I got hot. Like this rarely happens. (remember cold natured! 😉 The boots performed beyond my expectations. I think these are my new go to boots. I just really love the laces. One down side to the boots is it takes a little time lacing and tying them. I hope with practice this will getter easier for me. I wear tennis shoes to work every day so I am not use to lacing and tying boots. The jacket has been great. I have not seen a down fall to it yet. I have not used the jacket in temperatures below 40 degrees. It will be interesting to see how it performs in conditions colder than that. I will keep you updated.


Like I said in the beginning this is a sponsored post however, all the opinions are my own. You can check out this awesome company at


Below are a few pics of the jacket and boots and some of the areas I took them. Till next time Happy Wandering my friends! ❤


5 thoughts on “Salewa, the new top brand?

  1. Nice review. Those boots look great! I have recently switched to trail runners from hiking boots and will put them to the test on my thru hike this summer. I still love my boots in cold weather though. p.s. I think we have the same Osprey pack! Super comfy and a good load hauler.


    1. Thanks. I really like these boots. I love my trail runners but I need some extra support for my ankles when I am in the mountains. I have weak ankles. I love my Osprey pack! I want one like it but smaller as my everyday pack and for day hikes.

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