Tennessee Mountains vs. Arkansas Mountains

**I am sorry that this post did not go up on Tuesday. I was feeling a little under the weather and was at the doctor’s office. **


I know I know I usually tell you about a hike I have been on or some gear I have reviewed. However, today is a little different. I am going to tell you about my family’s vacation last summer. As a family, I am really the only one who loves to hike. I know crazy right! Not saying that they won’t hike with me it is just not their love. 😉 Our family does love riding ATV and UTV’s in the mountains. We usually go every year to Mena, Arkansas. This year we changed it up and went to Tennessee. A group of us go together. We all get cabins around each other, plan our days, ride, and have fun.


We left early one morning, drove all day and some of the night in early June. We stopped about two hours from our destination and spent the night in a hotel. The next day we got to our cabin, checked in, unpacked, and got settled. Then came the fun part…Planning our ride for the day and our big one for the next day. This year since we went to Tennessee our friends from West Virginia joined us for the week. It also just happened to be our friend, Felicia’s, birthday. So of course, we had to celebrate it in style. I had purchased a cookie cake from the cookie factory. When we packed up the coolers we discovered that we did not have a cooler that would fit the cookie cake in it whole.: o We had to keep it cool for the trip. Well, with great sadness I cut the cookie cake in half, wrapped it and placed it in the cooler. We surprised her with now injured cake. Looking back, I think I should have purchased it closer to our destination. Ugh! Sometimes I plan to much! It didn’t matter our friend was surprised and loved her cake. Plus, it still tasted great. Isn’t that all that really matters.

Now, back to our trip. There were four families that went on the trip. We had three side by sides and my son’s 4-wheeler. We went on a small ride the day we got there. It was interesting to see the difference from Arkansas landscapes and mountains compared to Tennessee’s. The views in the mountains were amazing. We saw wild hogs, turkeys, and lots of little animals in the wild. The streams and waterfalls were so beautiful. The next day we went out it rained most of the day so we didn’t get much riding in. The third day we rode almost the whole day. On way part of the mountain we were going down and lost our brakes. That was a little crazy.


The second day we were there, one of the side by sides broke. We had to fix it because we needed all the buggies to fit all of us. As soon as we got that fixed my son’s 4-wheeler broke. We were beginning to wonder if Tennessee didn’t want us there. 😉



All in all, it was nice riding. The trails however were being remarked so sometimes we got a little confused as to where we were. When we go back they will be finished with the remarking. I cannot wait. I also want to go back and hike some of the trails there. Looks like I have another bucket list entry! I loved the mountains in Tennessee but, I did miss the familiarity of my Arkansas Mountains! 😉 Well till next time, Happy Wandering, my friends! ❤



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