Outdoor Bloggers Summit…YES!

Sorry for my absentees. I have had some illness. Not fun! Today’s blog post is about a summit I attended in October. Hope you enjoy!


Have you heard of the Outdoor Bloggers Summit? Don’t feel bad if you haven’t. I had not heard of it either until August or September of this year. Its founder is Yoon Kim. He wanted to start a summit where outdoor bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters could come and improve their skills from some of the top people in the industry. I have had a blog for a couple years. I only recently, this year started my outdoor blog, A Wandering Hippie. I mean who couldn’t improve their skills. I had a friend who was going and it just happened to be only 7 or 8 hours from me. It was like a no-brainer!!! I bought my ticket and prepared to go!


This year the Summit was held in Bentonville, Arkansas. My husband decided to go with me. So, we made a weekend of it. We got their late Friday evening. Let’s just say we got a late start! UGH! We checked into the hotel and rested the rest of the evening. I went down the next morning and checked into the summit. I got my packet and planned my day.



The summit offers a range of different learning sessions. They started Saturday with breakfast and then a keynote speaker. After that, they had a few sessions you could choose from. There were two sets of sessions before lunch. During lunch, there was another keynote followed by two more sessions. On Saturday evening, they had an art trail scavenger followed by a happy hour and dinner at Bike Rack Brewing! There were several vendors present. The keynote speakers were Land Tawney and Phil Bloom. The sessions ranged from SEO tricks, Instagram, monetizing blogs, google analytics, and so on. These sessions were led by some of the top people in the industry!



To say this summit was informative and fun is an understatement. I learned a lot and felt like my brain was on overload status. I came home with a renewed sense of how to get my blog started in the right direction.


While at the summit, I got to meet a lot of people. I also met a fellow Hike Like A Woman ambassador friend, Mara, that I had only talked to on that other people (bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, etc.) had voted on. I did not get to stay for the awards. However, my friend Mara was nominated for her blog, rightkindoflost.com. I just know she will win next year. She also told me that Hike Like A Woman won best woman’s blog! Now, how cool is that. If you are a woman and want to see or hear some awesome stories, get advice about hiking, or just need encouragement to get outdoors this is the place. I am proud to be an ambassador this year. The site is hikelikeawoman.com. We also have local hiking groups and usually have a planned hike once a month.


I also got to see some of the sites that Bentonville offers. Bentonville is home to the Walmart museum. This was such a fun and informative museum. We also went to a Native American museum. I have gone to a lot of museums with Native American artifacts. This is part of my heritage and holds a special part in my heart. This museum is by far the best one I have ever been to. The number of artifacts in this museum is so overwhelming. It also covers not just one type of Indian it covers many of them. It was so amazing.


I did not get to see all the sites in Bentonville. I also did not get to go hike the trails around. I know right! Crazy! I will be back! It was so beautiful there. Next year, the Outdoor Bloggers Summit will be in another part of our wonderful country. I do not know where yet but, I hope to be there! I hope I will learn even more and get to experience a new part of the country! I cannot wait! I hope you enjoy some of the pics. Till next time Happy Wandering, my friends!

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