So..You have questions about Hiking?

So, you have questions about hiking? I know when I first started hiking I had lots of questions!! How do I pack my pack better? What pack should I get? What type of food should I bring? What about water? On and on and on! Ugh!! Well, you are in luck!

Remember, how I told you I started this new adventure as a Hike Like A Woman Ambassador? It just so happens that we have this new challenge coming up called, “30 Days To Better Hiking Challenge.” It starts October 1st and lasts 30 days! Each day you will get some of our best hiking advice on some of the common problems or questions people ask about hiking. Oh, and yours truly will be teaching on one of these days! 😉

Oh wait! There is more! Not only do you get all this cool knowledge but we have some awesome prizes to give away. Also, Part of the money from the challenge will go to one of our favorite charities, Gear Forward! So, what are you waiting for? This is a win win opportunity!

To learn more go to:                                To register go to:…/30-days-better-hiking/

I hope to see you in the challenge! Till next time…Happy Wandering!


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My Next Great Adventure As An Ambassador!

I was going to write today about one of the trails I hiked this summer. However, I just couldn’t wait any longer to tell you about my next great adventure as an ambassador! I received an email telling me that 20 other women and I were chosen out of over 200 applicants to be the new 2017-2018 Hike Like A Woman Ambassadors! Excited? Lets just say I might have screamed and jumped up and down! 😉

I have had question wondering exactly what this was and what it means. Hike Like A Woman was founded by Rebecca Walsh. She started it as a place where women of all ages, all walks of life, etc. could come together. We encourage each other and others, help other women to get outdoors, among other things. At this time, we offer an online community, a blog, a podcast, a digital magazine, and we host two online classes; The Outdoor School and the Outdoor Mom Academy. We not only want to empower women to get outside we want them to have the skills to do it too.

This community has meant so much to me in such a short time. I have friends who I talk to on here that I have yet to meet in person. (But, soon will!! ;)) There are more excited things in the books for us in the near future. So, stay tuned to see all the cool things that are about to happen! Oh and as always remember All who wander are not lost! Don’t forget to wander this week!

**You can find out more about Hike Like A Woman at . Also, check out the podcast, Hike Like A Woman!

Hike Like A Woman

Sugar Cane Trail

The first trail I did this year was in April, The Sugar Cane Trail in the Kisatchie National Forest near Minden, Louisiana. According to Alltrails App,  it is rated Easy and is 6.4 miles. When my friend and I recorded our trek we went 6.2 miles. It was pretty easy. Have to watch out for markers sometimes they are a little hidden. One we saw even had the tree growing over it. (Pic below) We saw a lot of different insects and one snake. This trail is also for bikers too. So, watch out for them. One almost collided into me. He had the right of way, I just can not hear well and didn’t hear him coming at first. It is beautiful. It crosses Caney Lake which was cool.

One big warning: WEAR BUG SPRAY or treat your clothes with Permethrin. We did get some Ticks. The main reason being is my friend is new to hiking and I made a rookie mistake. 😐 I forgot to spray us down with Off before we started to hike! Yeah! I know big mistake. Luckily even though we had a few ticks she said she would try hiking again! I of course promised her I would make sure to spray us next time. So, here is some pics from that hike! Till my next adventure, get outside and wander! 😉

A Wandering Hippie?

So, why name this blog a wandering hippie. Well, for one, I love to wander and explore new places. Two, my mom has always told me I was born in the wrong time. She said I have always been more of a hippie type. I will take that! Lol! The goal of this blog is to try to get more people especially women outdoors! I want to write of places I go and my experiences. Then you can plan to go or maybe not make the same mistakes I did when I did go. I hope you will come back often to see what adventure is next. If you are looking for my homestead site where I have recipes of herbal tonics, canning, etc. Go to . Well till next time Happy Wandering my Friend! ❤